Are you over pension age and your partner isn’t?

Find out about how Universal Credit might affect you.

Universal Credit does not currently affect people of state pension age. But if you are of pension age and your partner is not, you can currently claim Pension Credit instead of Universal Credit. However these rules are due to change.

Couples with one member OVER and the other UNDER pension age are referred to as mixed-age couples. By September 2018 Universal Credit in Liverpool will be ‘fully digital’. This means if you are at or approaching pension age you will have a choice to make a joint claim for either Universal Credit or Pension Credit.

Claim Pension Credit while you can

For most ‘mixed age’ couples, Pension Credit will be the better option. Pension Credit is more generous than Universal Credit. There can be a big difference between the amount of benefit you would receive through Pension Credit and Housing Benefit compared with how much Universal Credit you would be entitled to receive.

However Universal Credit and Pension Credit rules will be changing. This will mean your only option will be to claim Universal Credit. So if you make a claim for Pension Credit now, and remain entitled to it when the rules change, you will stay on Pension Credit and Housing Benefit.

So if you are a mixed age couple not already claiming Pension Credit seek advice about whether you can claim or what change in your circumstances may mean you could claim.


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