Are you over pension age and your partner isn’t?

Find out about how Universal Credit might affect you.

If you are a mixed-age couple and one of you is getting close to being old enough to claim state pension you need to get specialist benefits advice before claiming your state pension. 

  • A 'mixed age couple' is where one member of the couple is pension credit age, whilst their partner is working age.
  • Since May 2019 legislation means that most 'mixed age couples’ will not be able to claim Pension Credit and continue with Housing Benefit
  • The majority of mixed-age couples, when they have a change in their circumstances will have no option but to claim Universal Credit.
  • This change is estimated to save the government £395 million in the first 3 years – but will ‘cost some mixed-age couples at least £7,300 a year.
  • This is because nearly all mixed-age couples are significantly better off on Pension Credit and Housing Benefit when compared to Universal Credit.

However, not everyone has to claim Universal Credit it depends on each individual circumstance and the timing of your claims makes a difference too.

So if you are a working-age couple and one of you receives a letter asking you to claim pension, take your time,  please give our friendly benefits teams a call on 0330 303 3000 option 2 and ask for the benefits team.

They will go through your circumstances and see what’s best for you financially, the rules are complicated so please get help and don’t lose out.

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