Help available from your Job Centre

Universal Support – help to get you online and manage your money

If you are claiming Universal Credit you can get help to make your claim and manage your money. This is called Universal Support.

Universal Support is available from your local Jobcentre and provides: 

  • Help with using a computer to make or maintain your claim – this is called ‘Assisted Digital Support’.
  • Help to manage your monthly Universal Credit payment and advice on your finances – this is called ‘Personal Budgeting Support’.

How to get Universal Support

Speak to your Work Coach or a member of staff at your local Jobcentre. Your Work Coach will be able to discuss your needs and arrange for you to get the support you need. You can also access Universal Support via your online account.

Assisted Digital Support

If you are having difficulty making a claim for Universal Credit the Jobcentre can help with this. The Jobcentre provides access to computers which you can use to make a claim or access your account.

You can also access help getting online at our Reach hub in Parklands Library, Speke.

Personal Budgeting Support

Universal Credit is paid is to you monthly in arrears which can be difficult to manage, especially if you are waiting for your first payment. To help with this the Jobcentre can refer you for ‘Personal Budgeting Support’. This is not about telling you what to spend your money on. It is about assisting you to manage your money more effectively and make savings.

Our Benefits Advice Team is here to help

If you feel uncomfortable talking about money and going online at the Jobcentre, you can approach us directly. Our Benefits Advice Team are always on hand to help.

Our Benefits Advice Team will be available to help with any queries you have about Universal Credit and other benefits. Give them a call on 0330 303 3000.

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